Kershaw Junkyard Dog Folding Knife Review

Some knives are intended to sit on a shelf or display case and look pretty. Even though this knife is attracting the eye, you can tell that it’s meant to take a whole lot of hard usage.

What I enjoy about the knife:

Inch. Kershaw is fond of their lining lock style, and for good reason. It’s an occasion proven locking system that provides excellent protection for your fingers. They make use of the super rough lock onto your Junkyard knife.

2. The three inch drop-point blade is crafted from Sandvik 13C26 stainless steel. This size blade is legal for you to transport almost anywhere imaginable. The Sandvik steel provides you great sharpness and strength together with rust resistance.junk yards near me

3. Contributing to the super-tough design could be your handle, which is made of 410 stainless steel. This really is a superb feature I think because timber or micarta handles may split or crack. Rubber handles will probably deteriorate as time passes and fall apart. This stainless handle is all about as tough as they capture.

4. As the Kershaw Junkyard Dog is not the flashiest knife on the market, you will immediately spot the Air Force logo on the knife’s grip. This produces the Junkyard Dog a terrific gift idea for the Air Force veteran in your life.

5. Kershaw additionally provides exactly the exact same knife with a G-10 handle instead of the stainless steel version. G-10 is just like sandpaper from your fingers and gives you an extremely nice grip.

What I did not like:

I want to find the identical knife as well as full serrations and longer blade spans (4-5 inches).


The Kershaw Junkyard Dog is made as a tank and is a excellent value for your money. You can get several years of service out of this well made knife.


Five Easy Tips for Pulling Parts From a Junkyard

Not all components are available at parts stores. Interior parts, clips, attachments, lights and lenses may all be tough to offer items. Maybe you lost a bracket or missing a few bolts, or perhaps you got mad as something will not come loose so you destroyed it in a fit of anger.

1 alternative is to visit the dealer to get these parts brand new, however if you are inside the poverty category the cost of trader parts is out of this question. Where subsequently, you may ask, do I source these parts? The neighborhood junkyard!

You’re able to find a junk yard or automobile salvage in any area. Within 50 miles I can head to 4 unique junk yards to find the parts I need, and also for CHEAP! You will locate a junkyard near you with a simple Google search: simply throw in the word “junk yard” along with your zipcode or town, and you’re guaranteed to find some retired husks willing to concede their parts for your requirements.

There are normally two different kinds of junk yards. One is that the You-Pull (Often titled U-Pull) type in which you pay a small fee to enter, and it’s up for you to find what you require, take it off from the vehicle, and cover for it at the counter tops. The moments type is your salvage yard which can require in vehicles, save the parts in a massive facility and also have some type of computer lookup service to market directly over the counter top. Like a pharmacy for broke grease monkeys.

While being cheap and simple to get, the junkyard does have a few disadvantages. First, if it’s just a You-Pull type of junkyard, then you will be out in the weather, on the planet that is soaked with oil, coolant, and differential fluid sprinkled with shards of steel and glass. Secondly, sometimes you can’t reunite parts in the You-Pull scenario. Third, you’re dealing with used parts, which potentially may be worn or not work at all once you get them home. With that in mind, there are strategies to organize to traverse the twisted steel and still appear using quality parts, money in your pocket, without a tetanus.

Inch. Know Exactly What You Need

I suggest taking away the part you want to restore first, so you know what it involves once you locate the donor vehicle. Remember, many vehicles have different trim levels so know what trimming degree your vehicle is! Parts aren’t always universal across most programs.junk yards near me

2. Pack your instrument bag: Bring the Proper tools

If you remove the area you want to restore first, you will know exactly what tools you’ll need. But, you will also find yourself eyeballing parts you forgot you had, such as a door handle or heater controllers. Use this basic checklist to pack your own kit:
Notice: Some junkyards won’t permit you to jack up cars for safety reasons.
Shop towels
Prybar/Breaker pub, and maybe some PB Blaster that will help loosen things up

In addition, I suggest you bring something tote instead of a steel box. You will be carrying this heavy bag for quite a while on your internet search and you will tear your hands besides a steel handle. I have seen people placed large tool boxes ratchet strapped to a two wheeler in earlier times that will be very poverty and may allow you to ease those hands. Last, ensure that your toolbag/box is BIG, as sometimes smaller parts fall inside and also you don’t be unwilling to cover them until you find home…

3. Bring Cash

Overthecounter positions will normally take cards, however, also the you-pull types would like cash. Sometimes its cheaper to utilize cash since the yard owners can “forget” to maintain it as income. You’re able to use cash as leverage sometimes to be able to score a better deal. Pulling a normally insignificant part that isn’t in sought after and the guy at the desk maintains 10$ for this rear view mirror? Aw crap, so I only have this 5 on me I didn’t think it would be that far.

4. Get to Know the Crew

I’ve spoke to lots of people in the car salvage business, plus they stress to be sure to really have the income and don’t be a stroker! They’re extremely busy and while it’s amazing what you have done with your vehicle, tell another person. Furthermore, they state to know the return policy of this junk-yard you are working with, and tilting your non-prescription salesman moves a long way!

Get to know the team which works there. Build rapport. Know them onto a name basis. If you are a foreveralone then this can prove difficult, however this relationship may help you retain that money into your pocket.

5. Inspect the Bounty

Keep in mind, you probably won’t be able to return it so be certain to test whatever parts you are getting the very best you can until you make it home. There may be 5 or 4 of your vehicle there, get the part that appears to take the best state.

There you’ve got it. It is possible to come home, sameday, with your parts at your fingertips, to get a fraction of the trader, autoparts, or even Amazon price, willing to find that poverty beater straight back to the road. Soon, you’ll be at the higher level at which you’ll likely be pulling parts from the increased trim flat vehicles to make your base model automatic four-banger in to the true luxury v6 6 speed version. Happy picking!