Quick Refrigerator Magnets

These tiny fridge magnets move together fast and create magical gift ideas for christmas. Additionally take to miniature drawings of one’s own personal, or even specialization newspaper Mini refrigerator.


Before you begin, gather all of the equipment in the above list and put out a few trash paper to shield the work surface. The stone will magnify the graphics, therefore be certain that the graphics will probably soon be plotted beneath the stone by drawing or drawing on scrap paper and watching through the glass stone.

Stamp graphics on the cardstock with dye ink. Wash out the stamps with nail cleaner and also a paint mat. Open the postage cleaner jar and tap it to the postage to saturate the rubberized. Then tap on the postage onto the paper towel and then wash stamp onto a sterile, clear paint mat to eliminate any remaining residue. Blot the postage cleaner jar on the towel to remove excess dye out of the applicator tip. Cleaning the stamps instantly will get rid of any remaining dye and then prolong the life span of this stamps.

Color the stamped pictures with coloured pens. Make use of the ring punch to punch out the stamped pictures, or cut out the pictures with a craft knife.

When the graphics are cut or shattered, put a scatter of silicone paste onto the image and lightly press glass stone into it. Don’t press too strongly or overly much of this silicone is going to be pushed outside and air bubbles can form between the stone and the card market.

Put a scatter of silicone paste onto a magnet and then press on the glass stone with threaded picture on the magnet. Duplicate for every and every magnet. Enable the magnet(s) treat immediately. Package the bolts that are finished into an decorated tin (spray-paint a older mint tin and postage, or decoupage).

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