The Mass and Charge Differences of Protons Vs Electrons

Wavetek manuals – It has actually been understood for a long time that an electron, in terms of mass, has to do with 1/1,800 that of a proton. In addition to this, it is also well understood that both the proton and also the electron each have absolute, however contrary, charge worths of 1. The proton having a fee worth of %2B1 and also the electron having a cost value of -1. What has not been recognized is why is it that both objects can have precisely equivalent charge values yet have such a huge difference in mass? It is extremely not likely that the design of deep space so happens to have it to make sure that this is just a wonderful coincidence. This can only lead me to the conclusion that there should be a mechanical explanation for this incident. Allow us begin by defining exactly how the inner workings of protons and electrons are created and also exactly how they operate.

Allow us envision a collection of smaller bits that are collaborated in such a way to make sure that a set number of them consist of a single electron. I will call these fragments “Om Particles” named after the word “Om” in Hindu meaning the elementary vibration of all existence. These Om fragments are linked together as well as prepared just like a collection of child’s plastic connecting beads that can be broken together finish to end. Taking this an action further, let us take sufficient of these fragments as well as placed them with each other in a string to make sure that they can be curved around to create a closed loop. It is this loop formation of Om fragments that produces our electron. I could not be specific specifically the amount of Om fragments it requires to develop a solitary electron yet I will speculate that cautious research studies of the loved one fractional worths of the masses of recognized sub-atomic fragments when as compared to the mass of a single electron will certainly lead a common denominator which must tell us the value of the mass of a solitary Om bit and also, therefore, generate the number needed to form a solitary electron. The reason for this is that I believe that every bit in the universe is made up of these Om fragments and also consequently ought to have masses that are some several of the Om particle’s mass.

Another piece of the puzzle that needs description here is why the electron has any type of fee in any way. Well, the answer to this is basic and that it is a really tiny electric generator. Exactly what is happening within this plan of Om fragments is that they are relocating really rapidly round and also round, chasing each other’s tails, in a manner of speaking. It is this rotation of Om fragments that causes a surrounding field of negative fee. Please note that in a later writing I will certainly clarify why it is that these Om bits are relocating this fashion but to keep the story simple right here, simply accept that they do and allow us proceed with the remainder of my explanation here as well as talk about the mechanics of a proton.

Everyone recognizes with the common plaything called a “Slinky”. Checking out the form of a slinky, envision taking one end of it and also drawing it around to make sure that it comes to join the various other end. We currently have an item that resembles what is generally referred to as a taurus. If we look closely to this taurus shaped item, as well as making the presumption that our slinky is a really unique “super slinky” that has approximately 1,800 windings in it, we will certainly currently have a reasonable representation of a proton. Each winding inside a proton is in fact a single electron but rather than resting alongside, the electrons are connected as though they produce a spiral development, one after another, up until you have 1,800 of them equally as our incredibly slinky does in the above example.

Much like the electron, these windings are made up of Om fragments that are moving quickly through this formation, going round and round. Eventually, after doing some 1,800 loopholes they return to their starting placement, just like a feat pilot that obtains a bit carried away doing successive loop the loops overhead to thrill his target market.

If one were to analyze the electric field that is being produced by this formation, one would see that at reasonably close range, there is a cost of unfavorable value. However, as one steps away, the fee value flip flops and also becomes favorable. The reason for this is that each of the specific loopholes within the proton coincide as an electron and also are producing a negative cost area within their close proximity. This area is being generated along the axis that the specific Om fragments are focusing on. The bulk of this field is had within the body of the taurus form itself. Stepping back it can be seen that there is a bigger flow as well as a secondary axis of motion to consider.

This is the course takes us around and through the central mass of the taurus form itself. This flow is revolving regarding the axis that the secondary cost is being generated as well as is the contrary in worth to the cost created by the specific windings. This axis goes through the main opening of the taurus as well as is of positive fee. It is the net effect of this fee living in the outer areas bordering the proton that offers the observed positive charge that we detect when observing the proton communicating with its environment.

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